Very easy, register in the private zone and, after checking your input, in a few hours -for security reasons- the system will deliver you the passwords.

All estimates are delivered automatically personalized with the logotype you entered into the system during the register process. You can also change the logotype whenever you wish.

When you choose the print option, estimate as well as order, you are given the choice to create a pdf file. Nevertheless, the system is prepared to save all the estimates and orders that you make in your excusive private zone.

Yes, in the library of your private zone, where all the estimates and orders that you have made are saved, you are given the option to group as many as you wish..

In the library of your private zone, where all your projects are saved, open the wished project and you will automatically be given the option to turn a saved project into an order.

On the last step before confirming your order, the system asks you to confirm or modify the delivery address. The official address is used by default.

In SIMONRACK we use the same metallic shelf, as well as numerous accessories, for practically the whole of the models.

The Simonclassic shelf is used by the following models: Simonclassic -bolt model-, Simonclick, Officlick and Simontitán.

Besides the easiness and reduced assembly time, the no-bolt SIMONRACK shelves are sturdier and withstand more kilogram of load than any of the light duty bolt shelves on the market. In addition, once assembled, the shelves distribution can be modified without the need to disassemble anything but the shelf we want to change itself.

All the Simonrack shelves and racks are designed and manufactured with the latest technologies and having every load and functionality in mind. Therefore, they are defined so that any user can assemble them without having to turn to a professional.

Based on the compatibility of the components, it is the way to increase the shelves rotation at the sell point using the least possible space.It is result of many years of study at the selling points, to achieve to provide the widest array of products in a reduced display that gives solution to the final user demands.

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